Family time travel – Day 1: Journey to the Stone Age and an ice cave

On the first day you will plunge into the life of an ancient man in the entertainment and educational park "Archeos", walk along the Bazhovsky trail through a fabulous pine forest and climb into a real ice cave!
Family time travel
Travel distance by car: 200 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Kyshtym, Kasli, Kanifol'nyy, Sysert', Uktusskiy, Kleopino, Yekaterinburg

Trip duration: 3 days

Александра Нуркаева

Hotel Akropol


Gazpromneft filling station #25

So, guys, let's go, shall we? Just to avoid surprises on the way, refuel with quality fuel to the full, pump up the tires, fill the washbasin and get coffee with healthy snacks! Cool emotions from the trip!

Тальков камень


In the nature park ["Bazhovsky places"]( ecological paths around picturesque rocks and lakes were created, which inspired the Ural writer to create tales. All routes are marked, for a walk with children I recommend the Bazovsky trail.

Cafe "Dobrynia"

For lunch I suggest staying in a good roadside cafe at the entrance to the Chelyabinsk region.

Palaeopark "Archeos"

I suggest going on a time travel with children, right in the Stone Age! In Palaeopark ["Archaeos"]( an ancient man's parking lot with unique ancient artifacts and exciting interactive tours has been restored. For acquaintance with Ancient Ural Mountains the program "The Stone Age" will excellently suit. It includes a two-hour interactive tour in authentic costumes and a hot lunch with a Paleolithic era dish. It is better to order the tour [in advance](

Sugomak Cave

Mount Sugomak and the Sugomak Cave are some of the most famous, popular and easily accessible attractions in the northern part of the Chelyabinsk Region. There are stunning views from Mount Sugomak, and the cave is unusual because it was formed in marble rocks. Paths to the top are well trampled even in winter, the climb will not be difficult for children. Beautiful snow crystals are formed in the cave in winter and ice stalagmites are formed on the floor.

Cafe "Friday"

Have dinner at a cozy cafe Friday in the centre of Kyshtym, and if your strength remains, take a walk around Upper Kyshtym Pond.

Hotel Akropol

Even the most active adventurers need to rest. Good night!