Dzhubga: on water and under water – Day 1: On the way to Jubga.

On this day we will drive through the most beautiful places of the Black Sea coast, stop in Dzhubga and visit the local water park.
 Dzhubga: on water and under water
Travel distance by car: 171 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Dzhubga, Yakornaya Shchel', Shepsi, Sochi

Trip duration: 2 days

Valeria Azuevskaya

Skoda Octavia

кафе Compliment


A good trip starts with a great breakfast. We'll make a stop at Cafe Compliment. Here will be fed very tasty and budget!

Центральный пляж Шепси


And on the way, we'll stop at the beach for a swim and sunbathing.

Gavan Guest House

Золотая Рыбка

Cafés, Truck Stops

It's time to stop for lunch. Family cafe "Goldfish" offers inexpensive business lunches of delicious meat dishes, side dishes and salads.



When you get to Jubga, the first thing I recommend is to visit the local water park. This is a wonderful place to get positive emotions for both adults and children!

l' cafe


After a busy day, you should have dinner. "l'cafe" is one of the best places in Jubga. This cafe is remarkable for its interior. The visitor can choose a room with the style he likes and taste European or Japanese cuisine. There is also a large children's playroom.

Gavan Guest House

You can stay overnight in one of the hotels or guest houses. There are quite a lot of them, and they are all quite budget.