Delicious journey along the Volga from Nizhny Novgorod – Day 2: An ostrich farm. Beer Museum. National Chuvash cuisine.

Today we will visit an ostrich farm and taste locally produced steaks. After that we will go to the capital of the Chuvashia Republic, the city of Cheboksary. Here we will visit the Beer Museum and taste different kinds of traditional Chuvash drink. For dinner we will go to a restaurant of national cuisine and enjoy the main dishes of Chuvashia.
Delicious journey along the Volga from Nizhny Novgorod
Travel distance by car: 182 km.Travel distance on foot: 2 km.Visiting: Cheboksary, Lyskovo, Kukshlidy

Trip duration: 3 days

Sati Sarkisyan

Parus Hotel

We'll have breakfast at the hotel and go ahead to the gastronomic discoveries.

Ostrich Farm Bravo.

We'll visit the Bravo Ostrich Farm. Here they produce organic products, eggs and meat of exotic poultry. At the farm's restaurant, we just have to try an ostrich steak. Also very tasty is an omelette made of huge local eggs. *In wintertime, visits are made by appointment 2-3 days in advance. Specify that you need a tour of the farm and lunch. +7 906 133 0747 +7 922 023 7121* Registration is also possible [on the website]( via the feedback form.

Volga Premium Hotel

Volga Premium Hotel

Check in and leave your car in the parking lot. We'll walk from here.

Beer Museum

One of the main gastronomic attractions of Chuvashia is the Beer Museum. Beer has been one of the main drinks of dudes since ancient times and is brewed here by a special recipe. In the museum you can not only get acquainted with the culture of brewing, but also try different kinds of traditional Chuvash drink. You can also order snacks here. The museum is open every day from 10:00 to 20:00.

Красная площадь


After a beer tasting, it's worth taking a little walk. We're right next to Red, which means a beautiful square. Let's take a walk and admire the lights of the evening city.

Svetovoy Most

The 320-meter-long footbridge across the Cheboksary Bay has become one of the most favorite places of the locals. And the fact is that in the evening the bridge turns into a shining light tunnel. It looks very impressive. Be sure to walk it from Red Square to the Protecting Mother Monument.

Mother Patroness Monument

The monumental monument became a symbol of the city. The impressive height of 46 meters is impressive. The main heroine of the monument is the mother of the whole city, who as if embraces him from the height of her pedestal.

Yekhrem Khushcha

It's time to join the real Chuvash cuisine. Today we will try traditional meat dishes shartan and kakai-shurpi. We are going to drink wine made of birch sap. And for dessert we will have puremech, traditional Chuvash cheesecake vatrushka.

Volga Premium Hotel

After such a busy day, you should rest. Tomorrow we'll have a lot more delicious things to eat.