Course to the Urals - a region of strong spirit on the border of two parts of the world – Day 2: Motorcycle capital of Russia: museum with the richest collection of samovars, Irbit fair and active recreation park

Irbit is an ancient city, where one of the largest fairs of pre-revolutionary Russia was held. It's definitely something to see. In the morning you will visit museums with the richest collection of samovars, where you will be treated to delicious tea with pancakes. Head to the Museum of History and Ethnography to learn more about the city's past, then walk to the main pavilion at the Irbit Fair. Find out why Irbit is the motorcycle capital of Russia. You'll spend the evening in the park.
Course to the Urals - a region of strong spirit on the border of two parts of the world
Travel distance by car: 12 km.Travel distance on foot: 6 km.Visiting: Irbit, Lesnoy

Trip duration: 3 days


Музей народного быта

History Museums

So, today is the day of the Irbit Museums of Interest. And the first on the list is the museum of folk life. The building used to house a vodka factory, but today it's one of the most interesting places in the city. More than 10,000 exhibits are on display, but the most interesting thing is the collection of 318 samovars, from the smallest one for 100 grams to the largest one for 415 liters. By the way, guests have a unique opportunity to taste herbal tea with pancakes made on a real Russian stove. The main purpose of the museum is to unite in one place all the objects of the famous fair trade significant for the history of the city.

Историко-этнографический музей

History Museums

Delicious tea with pancakes was tasted, you can go to the next museum. The exposition of this museum tells about the distant past of Irbit and the famous Irbit Fair, known even far beyond the Urals. Pay attention: The museum expositions are located in the buildings at Kirova Street 50 and Kirova Street 74. Mode of operation: Tuesday to Friday: from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Weekend: Sunday, Monday

Pamyatnik Ostrog

We suggest you switch your attention a little and take a walk in the city center. Get to the place of foundation of this amazing city, the monument "Ostrog", and then decide where to walk - in the abandoned old park or along Lenin Street to the main pavilion of Irbit Fair. If you decide to walk to the park, founded in the end of XIX century, be careful, the way to it is over the dilapidated suspension bridge.

Old mill

For lunch, check out the Old Mill Café. Another cozy place in the city, where you will be warmly welcomed and deliciously fed.

Irbit State Motorcycle Museum

Did you know that the second name of Irbit is "Motorcycle Capital of Russia". If you want to know why, visit this museum. There are more than 120 transport units in the museum expositions. Here you can see the most interesting exhibits and trace the development trends not only of domestic heavy-duty motor vehicles, but also foreign models of leading motorcycle companies in England, Germany, USA and Japan. You can visit the museum from Tuesday to Saturday. Reservations for excursions are available [online](

Музей уральского искусства

Art Galleries

The final museum today is the House of the Kazantsevs, an architectural monument of the 19th century. The museum exposition introduces visitors to the works of Ural artists. Works by Herman Metelev, Max Gurevich, Alexander Lysyakov, Spartak Kiprin, Viktor Reutov, Mikhail Sazhaev and others are exhibited here. In the route description, we have attached an audio guide and recommend using it.


In the evening, go stretch out a little in the Bumpy Park. Here you can just walk in the forest park area, ride quad bikes on the off-road, overcome the rope park. If you visit this place in winter, then you have the opportunity to have fun at the rink.

Pub "Sherlock"

Dinner is offered not in a classic restaurant, but in a local pub with notes of English atmosphere "Sherlock". Delicious and incredibly nourishing food, good mood and several interesting locations for photo installations - this is what awaits you this evening.

Гостиничный комплекс "Арктур"

It's time to go back to the hotel. Have a good night!