Course to the Urals - a region of strong spirit on the border of two parts of the world – Day 1: Mine museum, nickel ore deposit and waterfall at the confluence of two rivers

In the morning you will have to go down to the mine and try yourself as a prospector. Go to the town of Rezh and visit the Church of St. John the Baptist, after which you will visit the museum, where a huge collection of minerals is presented. But it is not enough just to go on a tour and listen to the minerals, it is much more interesting to see an abandoned quarry, where previously were extracted expensive gemstones.
Course to the Urals - a region of strong spirit on the border of two parts of the world
Travel distance by car: 336 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Irbit, Zyryanka, Rezh, Beryozovsky, Lipovka, Lesnoy, Yekaterinburg

Trip duration: 3 days



Museum of Mine Beryozovsky

In the morning, head to the city of Berezovsky, where the museum is located, which attracts travelers from around the world with its uniqueness. The museum has two exhibition halls - ground and underground, the expositions of which are devoted to the history of gold mining in Berezovsky district. Moreover, you will have a unique opportunity to touch many exhibits and go down to a real mine where you can try your hand as a miner. There are several excursions on the territory of the museum, you can get acquainted with them, clarify the details and choose the one that suits you, contact the organizers by phone +7 (950) 205-62-36.

Church of St. John the Forerunner

The excursion into the history of the Sverdlovsk region continues in the town of Rezh, where the Church of John the Baptist is located. This pre-revolutionary temple is a visiting card of the city, located in a very picturesque place - on the top of the Eagle's Mountain. The church is famous not only for its magnificent architecture, but also for its collection of ancient icons and the preserved fresco with the image of the Holy Trinity.

Muzey "Samotsvetnaya Polosa Urala"

Talking about how rich the region is in minerals can take forever. But it is much more interesting to see this wealth with your own eyes in the museum "Gem-colored strip of the Urals". The exposition presents samples of minerals not only from the territory of the Russian Federation, but also from all former Soviet republics. Please note! The museum is open from Monday to Friday.

Гостиничный комплекс "Арктур"


In the afternoon you will spend exploring the natural attractions of the Sverdlovsk region, but first have a snack at the local cafe "Chocolate". In the menu you'll find a variety of dishes - from pancakes to sushi.

Lipovskiy Nikelevyy Kar'yer

In the afternoon, we suggest going to an abandoned quarry, where expensive gemstones - tourmalines - used to be mined. In the 30s of XX century there was discovered a large deposit of nickel ores. Active mining of nickel began. But in 1991 the development of the Lipovsky deposit was stopped. At the moment a reservoir with an unusual turquoise tint was formed in its place.

Yuzhakovsky waterfall

Another attraction of the Sverdlovsk Oblast is the Yuzhakovsky waterfall. It was formed absolutely accidentally because of a dam break at the confluence of the rivers Ambarka and Shilovka. It turned out to be such a small, but very picturesque local landmark. By the way, the river Ambarka itself also has its history, along it for several kilometers stretched a number of gems.

Happiness is there.

After walking along the Ambarka River, head to the ancient city of Irbit, founded in the early 17th century. We offer dinner in a cozy restaurant "Happiness is there", where they cook homemade tasty.

Гостиничный комплекс "Арктур"

The first day has come to an end, we wish you pleasant dreams in a cozy hotel room.