Conquering the foothills of Altai – Day 3: Back to Barnaul.

Today we will go back to Barnaul, but first we will conquer the slopes in the ski resort "Zmeinogorsky".
Conquering the foothills of Altai
Travel distance by car: 352 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Davydovsk, Zavetil'ichevskiy, Zmeinogorsk, Novokhar'kovka, Barnaul, Poselikha

Trip duration: 3 days

Anna Arkhipova

Alpine skiing complex Zmeinogorsky

It's time to conquer another slope of the Altai Mountains, you can go skiing, tubing, or, as many people used to call them, "lollipops", at least on a snowmobile. Be sure to check the [official website]( of the ski resort for more information on booking the equipment you need. Please note that the ski area is closed on Monday. The cafe, where you can have a hearty hot meal and take food with you on the road, is right at the foot of the slope, you can park your car there too.

музей истории горного дела им. А. Демидова

History Museums

Before you go back, you should get some rest and take a breath. I recommend visiting a very interesting museum, located in the heart of Zmeinogorsk. For example, did you know that this city was considered one of the strongest industrial centers of the Russian Empire? Today in the museum you can see the artefacts found as a result of archaeological excavations, a collection of minerals, and, most interesting - ancient machinery and machines that used to be involved in mining. The museum is closed on Mondays, the last Friday of the month is a sanitary day.

Gazpromneft filling station #181

There's a gas station coming up. If you are tired, make a comfortable stop - come for a coffee!

Shish kebab Want Meat.

Here you can make a stop, take a break from the road, and have a delicious dinner.


And now our journey has come to an end. I hope you enjoyed the beauty of the Altai region, had a good time skiing and got an unforgettable experience!