Conquering the foothills of Altai – Day 2: Conquering Mount Xinyuha

Today you will have an early climb and a long road along the stunning foothills of the Altai, and then you will conquer Mount Sinyukha and see the Altai region from a height of about 1200 meters!
Conquering the foothills of Altai
Travel distance by car: 397 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Novokhar'kovka, Kolyvan', Imeni Vos'moy Marta, Petropavlovskoye, Krasnoshchekovo, Zmeinogorsk, Belokurikha

Trip duration: 3 days

Anna Arkhipova

Guest House U Rodnika

Cafe "Rubin"

On the way along such beautiful mountains you can stop at a small café for a cup of tea and take a break from the road.

Cafe "Visit"

We are already approaching our target, and it is worth having a snack in a small but cozy cafe.


This village is the starting point for climbing Mount Xinyuha. Visit [this site]( to learn about the nuances of climbing and the route to follow. This climb is available even for beginners, so I wish you a wonderful walk!

Xinhu Hill

Mount Sinyukha is the highest point of the Kolyvan Range, located in the north-west of the Altai Mountains. The mountain has been recognized as a natural monument since 1998 and is part of the Tigirek reserve. From the mountain viewpoints there are simply stunning landscapes, but it is better to see them with your own eyes one day than to hear the stories of other travelers a hundred times!


I hope you had a wonderful walk on the Kolyvan Ridge, and now you can go to dinner.


After such an active walk, you must have had an appetite. This cafe will delight you with delicious and inexpensive dishes.

Guest House U Rodnika

This day was very rich, I hope you were imbued with the natural beauty of the Altai region. And tomorrow we will return to the slope again, but this time we will visit a ski resort.