Conquer the Kaluga expanses – Day 2: Amazing places in Kaluga region

A fascinating walk through the park with exotic birds, a picturesque waterfall, a suspension bridge and a museum of garbage await you on the second day of your trip to the Kaluga region.
Conquer the Kaluga expanses
Travel distance by car: 196 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Petrovskaya, Kaluga, Ist'ya, Taydashevo, Mstikhino, Obninsk, Panino, Detchino

Trip duration: 2 days

Александра Нуркаева

Парк птиц «Воробьи»


There are fabulous flamingos, pelicans, herons, bustards and the real tropics! In addition to birds, there are parkas, bobcats and monkeys... In all, there are around 2,000 species of birds and animals. You can find the rules for visiting and more information at [official website](

Водопад «Радужный»


The waterfall is beautiful at any time of year. It is, of course, small, but the terrain here is quite unusual for the Kaluga region, so you are waiting for a fairly extreme descent to the waterfall, be prepared.

Художественный музей мусора "Му Му"


A museum in which everything is unusual - you take pictures here immeasurably! There are quests and workshops for kids, adults will not be bored either - the museum has many interactive halls, such as "Mirror Maze" and "Deception of feelings. Tickets cost 240-270 rubles. More information at [official website](

Cafe "Orangery"

Lunch next to the museum at the Orangery Café. It will delight you with delicious and inexpensive dishes.

Suspension bridge over the Repinka

Take a walk through the old part of Obninsk across the park to the bridge over the river Repinka. It was once completely suspended, but had to be strengthened and metal supports were installed during the reconstruction. But the bridge did not lose its charm.

Gazpromneft filling station # 81

There's a gas station ahead! Make a comfortable stop, buy water and goods on the road.

Park cafe "Lesnaya Polyana"

Dine at a cozy park cafe surrounded by beautiful nature.