Conquer the Kaluga expanses – Day 1: The whole world in the Kaluga region

On the first day you will see sculptural and architectural installations by the world's leading authors and visit the largest ethnographic park-museum in Russia! Фото: [karel291](
Conquer the Kaluga expanses
Travel distance by car: 190 km.Travel distance on foot: 1 km.Visiting: Petrovskaya, Nikola-Lenivets, L'va Tolstogo, Zvizzhi, Romodanovo, Kaluga

Trip duration: 2 days

Александра Нуркаева


Gazpromneft filling station #76

Let's hit the road! To feel more confident on the road, come to the filling station "Gazpromneft" - refuel with quality fuel to full, inflate the tires, fill the washbasin and take coffee with healthy snacks! Cool emotions from the trip!

Свято-Тихонова Пустынь


On the territory of the monastery there is a unique museum-diorama "Great Standing on the Ugra River", which visually shows the victory of Russia over the Tatar-Mongol yoke. With the information on visiting the diorama you can familiarize [on this site](


Sculpture Gardens

Visit Russia's only park of modern sculptures and installations. The territory of the park is huge, and, of course, all the art objects cannot be viewed in one visit. A map of the park with the location of the installations can be found at [official website](

Dining room "Kartosh-Cino Club"

After a long walk, have a lunch in the dining room "Kartosh-Kino" - it serves traditional Russian cuisine prepared with rustic products, everything is very tasty, homemade and inexpensive.

Night in Magic Villins Book


Theme Parks

Ethnoworld is a huge complex of ethnodromes, each of which includes ethnic buildings, museums, workshops, restaurants with authentic cuisine and stylized hotels. Choose any corner of the world to your taste: Portugal, Sri Lanka, Siberia or Eastern Europe. For ticket purchase and more information, you can refer to [official website](

Eastern Cafe "Chaikhana"

For dinner you can visit "Chaykhana" where you will be welcomed with oriental hospitality and fed with fragrant Uzbek pilau.

Night in Magic Villins Book

Good night. The next day promises to be no less eventful.