Chuhloma terems. Weekend jeep tour – Day 2: Visit to Wengino and Chuhloma Manor

You will go to the north of the Kostroma region. After a walk around the manor of Vengino, visit the Avraami-Gorodetsky monastery in Chukhloma, which offers a great view of Lake Chukhloma. Then return to Kostroma.
Chuhloma terems. Weekend jeep tour
Travel distance by car: 278 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Ostashovo, Nozhkino, Kostroma, Papulino, Chukhloma

Trip duration: 2 days

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Vengino Estate

The main bar house and several small buildings (outbuilding and barn, peasant houses) have survived to this day. Almost all buildings are made of wood. The manor house was built just before our terems in 1897 and is a striking example of rural merchant life. There are no inhabitants in the tree, and the wooden buildings are subject to destruction without proper care. And who knows how much more they have! ** After watching the manor, we'll have a coffee break **


Chukhloma, the capital of wooden Russia.

Abrahamievo-Gorodets Monastery in Chuhloma

Abrahamiev Pokrovo Gorodetsky Monastery, a monastery of the Kostroma Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church in the village of Nozhkino, Kostroma region, on the shore of Lake Chukhloma. The architectural ensemble of the monastery is an object of Russian cultural heritage of regional importance. The monastery was founded in the XIV century by St. Abraham of Chukhloma, a disciple of St. Sergius of Radonezh (already after he founded the Dormition Monastery on Lake Galich). Already during the lifetime of the Monk Abraham a wooden church of the Intercession was erected, and the number of inhabitants exceeded a hundred. Shortly before his death (1375) Saint Abraham3 withdrew from the monastery to a secluded hermitage near the monastery.

town of Kostroma

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