Bolshoy Sochi – Day 1: Rest in a water park

Fun and informative day: see the ancient dolmens and relax in the water park.
Bolshoy Sochi
Travel distance by car: 147 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Nebug, Sochi, Tuapse, Shepsi

Trip duration: 2 days

Xena Fedchenkova

Hyundai Solaris



We have breakfast in a cafe called "Kasha", which serves very tasty and nourishing breakfasts.


Scenic Lookouts

We will stop at the observation deck for a little rest and take a couple of pictures with the sea and mountain view.


Other Great Outdoors

In the Krasnodar region there are many dolmens that have survived to this day. Some believe that dolmens were tombs, others see them as temples. There are many versions, and to find out what they were actually created for, we will visit the village Prigorodny, where the dolmens are preserved.

Green Apple



The cafe is located on a hill, so it offers a fabulous view over the Black Sea coast. Also the cafe makes very tasty and fresh shish kebab, we advise you to try it.


Water Parks

Spend time in a water park, where you will enjoy not only children but also adults. In "Dolphin" there are slides designed for different ages. 3 hours will fly by unnoticed!

Пляж "Нефтяник Сибири"


After water procedures we will stop at the beach to breathe the sea air, enjoy the sunset and spend today.

Palmira Bar

Restaurants, Cafés, Scenic Lookouts

We deserve a sumptuous dinner at a seafront restaurant.

Green Apple

And now we have to rest and get a good night's sleep, because tomorrow we will have more interesting places and, of course, return home.