Beauties of the northwest Moscow region – Day 1: From Zvenigorod to New Jerusalem.

On the first day I suggest to get acquainted with a small town Zvenigorod and its main sights, and then to go to New Jerusalem - the pearl of Christian Moscow suburbs.
Beauties of the northwest Moscow region
Travel distance by car: 107 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Istra, Zvenigorod, Savvino, Taganskiy

Trip duration: 3 days

Maria Mamedli

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Саввино-Сторожевский монастырь


We will start our journey from Zvenigorod, get acquainted with its main treasure - Savvin-Storozhevsky monastery. It is considered one of the most beautiful and ancient monasteries in Russia. Place of pilgrimage of thousands of believers from all corners of the Orthodox world.

Культурный центр им. Любови Орловой

Cultural Centers, Event Spaces, Concert Halls

Then I suggest visiting the unique People's Museum of Lubov Orlova. The museum is located here not by chance, People's Artist of the USSR, the favorite and idol of many generations - Lyubov Orlova, was born in Zvenigorod and spent her childhood and youth in these places. Here you will see unique costumes from filming and get to know a part of the amazing life of an actress.

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Братец Кролик

Burger Joints

Immediately after the museum, you can relax in a cozy cafe and have lunch before the road.

Новоиерусалимский монастырь


Having gained strength, we go to one of the main sanctuaries of Moscow region - New Jerusalem Monastery. At the moment the restoration of the complex is almost completed and you can enjoy in full the whole ensemble, relics and history of this unique place.

Семейное кафе «Дача»


After a busy day, I offer dinner and a cozy homely restaurant. It is located near the monastery, which is very convenient. And also here every gourmet can find a dish to his taste.

Boutique Hotel Voskresensky

We are accommodated in a hotel in Istra and rest after a busy day.