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Based on the Uralic tales.

Road Trip Route. Pet the branch., Visit the author of the Malachite box., Immerse yourself in a fairy tale.

A journey that both adults and children will enjoy. A truly fabulous day awaits you. In the morning you will go to the kennel, where you will see various birds of prey, including very rare. Then you will visit the writer Pavel Petrovich Bazhov and learn how the famous author of the Ural tales lived and what inspired his amazing stories. In the afternoon you will plunge into the fairy tale, because the park based on the Malachite Box is waiting for you.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Bird of prey nursery. House-museum of P.P. Bazhov. Park of Tales.

Today you will go to the nursery where you will see eagles, falcons, eagles and other birds of prey. In the P.P. Bazhov Museum you will learn interesting facts about the writer's life. And, at last, you will visit the theme park, created on the basis of those Uralic tales.


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Kholzan, Pitomnik

A center for monitoring and rehabilitation of birds of prey is located within the forest limits. More than 50 species of animals live here, including very rare ones, which are on the verge of extinction. You will get to know the work of the center, learn a lot about animals living here. You will see a falcon fly, pet an owl and take a picture with a bird on its arm. Visit the center and tours by appointment by phone: +7 34374 632 29 +7 912 241 7602

P.P. Bazhov House Museum

The museum is located in the birthplace of the famous writer in Sysert. The house is a dwelling of a simple Ural worker, in the same family Pavel Bazhov was born and grew up. It was simple Ural life and folklore that became the basis for writing the famous Malachite casket and other unforgettable works by the author. The interiors of the house have been practically preserved in their original form, and there is an ancient whitewashed stove, a children's cradle and a dining table with a ceremonial decoration, as for dear guests. *" Please note, you can visit the museum from Wednesday to Sunday.

Кафе-бар итальянской кухни SUNRISE

We'll stop for lunch in a cozy cafe to restore your strength, eat delicious pasta and warm up by the fireplace, and then another fabulous place awaits you.

Tale Park

The rest of the day you will spend in a big fairytale park, where you will meet familiar characters from your favorite books. Descend into the cave to the Mistress of the Copper Mountain, play with the bream, look into the water house and the Hut on chicken legs, visit a small farm with goats and donkeys. For those who decide to feel like a real fairytale hero, there is even a ride on the stove! Monday and Tuesday are the weekends.

Geese Swans

Finish your day with a dinner at a cozy restaurant in a fabulous complex. Share your impressions about the past day and try the most delicious dishes of the Urals cuisine in a modern version.