Bachelor party in Moscow region – Day 2: Paintball battles

The culmination of our trip - paintball battles at perhaps the most interesting polygons in the Moscow region. It will be hot! In between we will wrap up the dacha to Mayakovsky and the Istrinsky Museum of Vadim Zadorozhny's equipment.
Bachelor party in Moscow region
Travel distance by car: 164 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Sergiyev Posad, Istra, Lesnoy, Krasnogorsk, Pushkino, Polevo

Trip duration: 3 days

Alina Maslova

Вареничная #9

Varenyky Restaurants

Varenichkov would have been in the morning... Like Mom! Oh, how lucky. There are three types of meat with potatoes, cabbage stew and mushrooms. And, of course, with cherries. It's just like when you were a kid.

Смотровая площадка

Scenic Lookouts

Before leaving Sergiev Posad, we will climb Pancake Mountain or, as the Sergiev Posadians say, "Blinka". This area used to be famous for its pancakes. Alas, it is no longer possible to eat, but to admire the Trinity Sergius Lavra in all its beauty is easy.

Пейнтбольный клуб «Гвардия»

Paintball Fields

Here it is, the culmination of our journey. Shall we shoot? The place is very suitable - more than 10 hectares of area with a forest, a huge field, the river Skalboy and even its wetlands. Objectively speaking, it is unlikely that you will find in the Moscow suburbs more curious in terms of terrain and equipment. After playing paintball, we can shoot with bows, crossbows and air rifles or take a safari on ATVs. And even take a swim in the river, if the weather allows. We'll have lunch right here. Say, grilled homemade sausage or Uzbek lamb pilaf. Optionally, we can rent a barbecue and fry meat, as appropriate for real men after an active pastime. Important: advance booking is required, contact details for the game can be found on [the official website of the club.]( If possible, come with your masks.

Дача - музей В. В. Маяковского


Switch to intelligent leisure. Let's go see the "hut on chicken legs", which V.V. Mayakovsky has repeatedly filmed in the summer months. Here is recreated not so much the true atmosphere of those years, but the very essence of the rebellious poet. Important: we recommend you to notify about your visit by phone number indicated in [the official museum group in "VKontakte"](

Amaks Resort Novaya Istra

Музей техники Вадима Задорожного

History Museums

Another museum of historical technology in our piggy bank. Its collection consists of more than 1000 rare exhibits, which are not only in perfect condition, but also on the move. Among the particularly curious objects is the ZIS-115 car, which was driven by Stalin. We can view the exposition by ourselves or with a guide. It is recommended to finish the excursion with a test drive of a vintage car and a master class on assembly and disassembly of the Kalashnikov AK-47. Important: detailed information about the possibility of riding a vintage car or armored vehicles should be clarified in advance by phone number indicated [on the official website of the museum](

Gazpromneft filling station #185

Isn't it time to stop on vacation? You can warm up, fill up and buy goods on the way at Gazpromneft's filling stations.

Вински Подрум

Eastern European Restaurants

Dinner at the restaurant of home Balkan cuisine in Istra. The menu was developed here by a chef from Serbia itself. We recommend that you pay attention to the meat dishes for which the Balkans are so famous. And, of course, a glass of wine for the meat. Do you prefer wines from Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria or Hungary?

Amaks Resort Novaya Istra

To the hotel for a well-deserved rest!