Amazing neighborhood: unusual places in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg. – Day 1: Extraordinary trades in the Urals

Early in the morning we will go to the town of Berezovskiy to visit a private museum-mine, where you will be told everything about gold mining in these parts. Then we'll see with our own eyes the oldest gold mining drag in Russia (almost 90 years!) and a sandy desert in the middle of the Urals. In the afternoon we will ride the furnaces in the Fairytales Park, and meet the sunset on the impressive Besson Mountain in Sysert.
Amazing neighborhood: unusual places in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg.
Travel distance by car: 117 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Kadnikovo, Beryozovsky, Sysert', Bobrovskiy, Sovetskiy, Yekaterinburg

Trip duration: 2 days



Museum of Mine Beryozovsky

Many people know that there is a Gold Museum in the town of Berezovsky near Ekaterinburg. However, not everyone knows that there is also a private museum-mine - a real interactive attraction for children and adults. In two halls of the museum (underground and aboveground) you can visit the smithy and stone-cutting shop, as well as "the only correct canonical and the first in Russia workshop for washing gold on the tray". It is better to make an appointment for the excursion in advance by phone 834369-4-47-11 or +7(950)20-56236. The cost of the tour is 400 rubles. You can also ask for an individual tour in a group of 3 to 10 people - this pleasure costs 3 200 rubles. 834369-4-47-11 or +7(950)20-56236.

Berezovskie Sands

On the northern outskirts of Berezovsky, near the river Pyshma, you can find a piece of real desert. The sand left from gold mining comes to this place through pipes from mines. In the center of the desert there are two lakes with clear water of blue color. Bathing in them is not recommended because of the increased content of copper and all kinds of metals and salts. To get to the site is most convenient from the northeast, where there is no fence, and the road stretches directly to the sands.

Holiday Park Belaya Loshad

Family oasis

We're going back to Berezovsky for a snack at the Family Oasis cafe. In the menu you can find "the most eastern dishes with a southern accent", as well as a special children's menu.

Park of Fairy Tales

Not far from the village of Aramal is the "Park of Tale" - a charming place for children and adults. Here you can go down to the cave of the Copper Mountain hostess, see the reconstruction of the settlement of Mansi and hut of beavers, visit the contact zoo and hut of Baba Yaga. And also take a ride on the stove (yes!), steam in the bath-bottle and much more. You can buy tickets to the park directly [on the official website]( Please note that the park is closed on Monday and Tuesday!

Бессонова гора

Scenic Lookouts

Closer to sunset we come to Sysert and immediately go to Bessonova mountain. Before the Peasant war the mountain was called Karaulnaya - there was a guard post here that helped to prevent sudden attacks of Bashkirs. At the top of the hill stands a huge cast-iron cross weighing 23 tons, made at the Sysert plant "Uralgidromash". It is considered one of the largest in Russia - you can see it from any point of the city.


Eastern European Restaurants

The sun has already disappeared, so it's time to have a delicious dinner at the local restaurant "Slivovica". It serves traditional Serbian cuisine, cooked on open fire.

Holiday Park Belaya Loshad

Tomorrow you will visit stunning locations in the countryside and get to know birds of prey. And today it's time to rest and gain strength.