Amazing nature and technique. Drive from Yekaterinburg – Day 1: The terricon of the mine. The Mariinsky Dam. The Didinsky Tunnel.

Let's start our journey from one rather gloomy place. We'll see the heap of an old mine. Then we'll go to the broken dam of the early 20th century. In the afternoon, let's arm ourselves with flashlights and go to an old but very picturesque tunnel.
Amazing nature and technique. Drive from Yekaterinburg
Travel distance by car: 211 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Pervoural'sk, Barsuchiy, Didino, Mariinsk, Degtyarsk, Revda, Shirokaya Rechka, Yekaterinburg

Trip duration: 3 days

Sati Sarkisyan


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Terrikon Shakhty Kapital'naya-2

We will visit the territory of an abandoned copper mine, which left only an artificial mound of waste rock. On the formed waste heap now located observation deck with a stunning view, which recalls the former greatness of the mining town. This place is definitely worth visiting for those who are looking for unusual locations for photos.

Khram Vo Imya Arkhistratiga Bozhiya Mikhaila

Let's stop and admire the snow-white temple on the lake shore. The building is located on a hill and offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area. It's a great place to take some pictures.

Plotina Mariinsk

The dam belonged to the Mariinsky Iron Repair Plant. Over time, the plant collapsed and the wooden dam, which was about 300 meters long, began to collapse. Now the dilapidated structure creates an idea of what it looked like during the plant's prosperity. The dam is in a very picturesque place. Nearby there is a church in the name of Saint Great Martyr George the Victorious.

Tolstaya Krevetka

Let's go to lunch at the Fat Shrimp Café. Popular European and Japanese dishes are served here. The menu includes usual rolls and sushi as well as pizza and pasta.

Victor Hotel

Didinskiy tunnel

The tunnel was built in 1918 and successfully operated for 77 years, after which it was closed because it began to collapse. Now we have the opportunity not only to admire the picturesque structure, but also to look inside and feel like a real explorer. Don't forget the flashlights. In winter the road to the tunnel may be inaccessible due to weather conditions, it is better to see the forecast in advance. If the road is blocked and you want to get into the tunnel, you can leave the car in Revda and get there by train.

Art Cafe "Stendhal"

A fashionable institution among youth of Pervouralsk. In addition to a varied menu with dishes to suit every taste, there is karaoke, hookahs and a good selection of cocktails.

Victor Hotel

After a day full of experiences, you need to rest.