Altay - Above the sky: a thrilling journey to the golden land. – Day 2: Journey along the Chui Trail

The conquest of the Altai will begin at Cape Kyrsai. All day long your companions will be endless winding roads and fascinating alien landscapes. Stop to admire the confluence of Chulcha and Chulyshman rivers and the tract of Ak-Kurum. Through the plains and mountain passes we'll make our way to the famous Chui Trail, which is listed as one of the "10 Best Roads in the World" by National Geographic magazine.
Altay - Above the sky: a thrilling journey to the golden land.
Travel distance by car: 186 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Chibit, Ko, Karatash, Chiri

Trip duration: 4 days

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Kyrsai cape

**Kyrsai Cape** is the southern tip of the lake, where the waters of Chulyshman flow into it. **Railing to the cape on a comfortable boat **

Urochishche Ak-Kurum

**The Akkurum tract (Ak-Korum)** is located on the right bank of the Chulyshman River, not far from its inflow into Lake Teletskoye. Usually "kurums" are congestions of large boulders and fragments of solid rock formed as a result of weathering on gentle slopes and at their foothills.

Chui Trakt

**Chui Trakt** is the most beautiful road in Siberia. It is 968 km of picturesque landscapes.

Nomad Base

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