Adventure weekend in Moscow region – Day 2: To visit the reindeer.

The second day will be full of adventure and amazing experiences. You will wake up on the shore of Lake Ponti and go to visit the reindeer. The afternoon will be dedicated to getting to know the city of Bronnica.
Adventure weekend in Moscow region
Travel distance by car: 196 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Gzhel', Moscow, Zhukovskiy, Bronnitsy, Antsiferovo, Rechitsy, Davydovo, Voskresensk, Nikitskoye

Trip duration: 2 days

Volkswagen Caddy

Гжельские узоры

Arts & Crafts Stores

Visit the Gzhel souvenir shop. Maybe you'll like something.

Ферма Северный Олень


It is a wonderful world, a piece of the North, created in the Moscow region. Here they love deer and are friends with these kind and tender animals. Come and be friends with them too, deer can be fed and even stroked! On the territory there is a small cozy cafe, where you can have a full meal for a small amount. You can visit the farm from Friday to Sunday, it is better to warn about the visit in advance by filling out an entry form or by calling the number indicated on [the site](

Озеро Нерское


Stop for a while by Lake Nerskoye. Take your time anywhere, breathe in fresh air and enjoy the silence and natural harmony.

Белая гора


Passing the town of Voskresensk, make a stop at White Mountain. In front of us the white substance - phosphogypsum, a secondary product of processing of minerals extracted from the bowels into phosphoric acid. It is not dangerous at all, but extremely beautiful - even from afar.


It's delicious to eat in a donut shop, right on the way back to Moscow.

Памятник Трактору

Monuments / Landmarks

Universal" tractors were designed for inter-row cultivation of tilled crops with trailed and mounted machines. Today, this metal structure does not look massive, but you can consider close to its mechanisms.

Памятник Ученым и Воинам-автомобилистам

Monuments / Landmarks

The monument to scientists and military motorists was erected as a tribute to the memory and respect of the main scientific and technical center of the country - 21 research institutes of the Russian Ministry of Defense, engaged in the formation and implementation of a unified military and technical policy in the development, improvement and operation of military automotive equipment.


Russian Restaurants

"Cornflowers" is a modern family cafe of Russian and European cuisine. Bright cosy interiors dispose to a relaxed pastime, and the menu pleases with a variety of dishes. Be sure to pamper yourself with dessert, here you will cook unrealistically tasty pear strudel.