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Active weekend from Nizhny Novgorod: shooting, horseback riding and other walks.

Road Trip Route. Take a horseback ride through picturesque forests, Hone your marksmanship at the Arsenal Shooting Club., Play paintball or lasertag, Soak up some steam in a Russian bath., .

If there are no more forces to stay in the city, you can go on weekends to the bank of the Volga. Horseback rides, paintball and shooting clubs, a Russian bath and holy springs in the picturesque forest - all this will help tired citizens feel human again.

Active Leisure, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Nizhny Novgorod

Marina Selivanova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Arsenal Rifle Club, entertainment at Emerald Recreation Base

In the morning you will practice your marksmanship in the shooting club "Arsenal" and make spectacular selfies on the bank of Gorky reservoir. In the afternoon you will spend at the Emerald recreation center, where you will skate, play bowling and soar in a Russian sauna.

Nizhny Novgorod

Gazpromneft filling station #209

So, guys, let's go, shall we? Just to avoid surprises on the way, refuel with quality fuel to the full, pump up the tires, fill the washbasin and get coffee with healthy snacks! Cool emotions from the trip!

Church of the Ascension in Zarubino

Before you head to the recreation base, visit some unusual places along the way and take a walk in the fresh air. The first stop is the Churches in Zarubino. There is a new one and an old one standing next to each other. Lovers of abandoned buildings will definitely like it here.

Tserkov' Paraskevy V Kiryushino

The next similar attraction is the church in Kiryushino. A short stop for beautiful pictures.


How about getting off the highway and taking a ride down a winding road? Midway you can walk to the temple complex by the river. If the road from the church gets snowy and you can't get through, you can get here on the paved road that starts near Voronino and Aksentis.


After outdoor activities, stop by the restaurant for lunch.

Mayak Na Gor'kovskom Vodokhranilishche

Do not be lazy to reach the lighthouse on Gorky reservoir. You can leave your car on the shore, and reach the lighthouse (although some manage to reach it by car) on a narrow road, which seems to go nowhere. The views from here are truly spectacular!


Spend the rest of the day at the recreation centre ["Izumrudnoye"]( Here you can also spend the night. Booking is possible on [website]( Here you can rent "rollers" and skates, take a ride on a snowmobile, play billiards, and then go to the Russian sauna or visit the SPA-salon. Please note, it's better to book the sauna in advance by phone: 8 (831) 261-33-73.

Day 2: Paintball, horseback riding, holy spring in the woods and a walk through Gorodets.

We will start the second day with a game of paintball or lasertag in the club "Fire", and then go horseback riding in the picturesque surroundings. In the afternoon we will gather water in a holy spring in the wooded wilderness and take a ride through the charming museum quarter in Gorodets.

Paintball Club "Fire"

In the morning we go to play paintball or lasertag in the club "Fire". Now the site is moving from Fedurino (previously it was here - 56.808448, 43.371198) to the base of the hotel "Aquatoria". You should make an appointment in advance by calling 8 (920) 252-21-11 or using the form on [website]( There is a table and a barbecue on site and you can use them for free during the game and after. You can also have lunch at a restaurant at the base ["Water area"]( (the administration of the base should warn at least 3 hours before lunch) by phone: +7 (831) 2-430-330.

Konnyy Klub "Konemaniya"

Horseback riding in the picturesque surroundings is possible in the club ["Konemania"]( It is better to call in advance so that the horse is ready for your arrival. By the way, you can buy delicious goat milk at the club.

«БлинолюбовЪ» кафе-блинная

A quick but tasty lunch is at the highly rated pancake house cafe.

Терем Русского Самовара

"The Terem of the Russian Samovar" is part of the museum quarter, and it has the same schedule. Pay attention to the variety of this magical unit. Monday is the day off. On weekdays the museum is open from 10:00 to 17:00, on weekends - until 16:00. The last Friday of the month is a sanitary day.

Галерея Добра

The exhibition is located in a wooden house, which belonged to the Plekhanov family and is also part of the Museum Quarter. The good should be understood in the context of wealth, and there is plenty of it here. Monday is the day off. On weekdays the museum is open from 10:00 to 17:00, on weekends - until 16:00. The last Friday of the month - sanitary day.

Art-Prostranstvo Molot

At the end of the trip, visit a unique loft-style family establishment. It's practically a museum where you can have a delicious meal. The owners will be happy to meet you and can even give you a small tour. You can book a visit and a table in advance by phone: +7 (920) 040-28-12.

Nizhny Novgorod