A walk through the manors of great writers – Day 2: We explore Tula in the footsteps of history.

In the morning you will plunge into the history of different eras of the city of Tula and buy the famous Tula delicacies! In the afternoon you will drive east to the city of Zaraysk, where you will stay overnight.
A walk through the manors of great writers
Travel distance by car: 135 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Tula, Zaraysk, Serebryanyye Prudy

Trip duration: 3 days

Darina Frantz

Тульский кремль

Historic Sites

Here you will feel the breath of antiquity, touch the historical monument, buy souvenirs (real Tula gingerbread and Belove pastila). The temple in the Kremlin is not always open to the public.

Тульский государственный музей оружия / Tula State Museum of Weapons

History Museums

Visit the unique Museum of Russian arms. There are unique exhibits created by the legendary Tula masters. And on the second floor in the center of the hall you can see a horseshoe flea!

Бронепоезд no.13

Monuments / Landmarks

The history of creation of armored train No. 13 is connected with the heroic defense of Tula in 1941. Named in the commonplace "Tula worker", the armoured train came alive as an interactive museum, located at the Railway Station. Monday and Tuesday are weekends.

Guest House on Krasnoarmeyskaya 46

Гриль-бар Дрова

BBQ Joints

I recommend lunch at the restaurant "Firewood". Pay attention to the positions from the grill menu. They say they have excellent meat cooked on open fire.

Gazpromneft filling station #184

Ahead of the Gazpromneft filling station. A good reason to make a stop: refuel with quality fuel, drink coffee and just warm up.

Guest House on Krasnoarmeyskaya 46

It's time to check into a new hotel and get some rest after the road.

Старый Город


The name of this restaurant corresponds to its location - the center of the historical part of the city. Here you can taste dishes of traditional Russian cuisine.

Guest House on Krasnoarmeyskaya 46

After a hearty dinner, be sure to walk from the restaurant. Now you can also relax before tomorrow's route!