A fascinating journey for a large company to Yeisk – Day 2: Yeisk and his sights.

We'll stop at the local beaches and visit the Poddubnyi Museum.
A fascinating journey for a large company to Yeisk
Travel distance by car: 376 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Yeysk, Dolzhanskaya, Kanevskaya, Krasnodar

Trip duration: 2 days

Xena Fedchenkova

Volkswagen Polo

Elena Guest House

We'll have breakfast in the hotel to save time and not to look for a place in the city.

Приморская набережная

Other Great Outdoors

Morning is the best time to enjoy the views from the waterfront and prepare for a busy day.

Парк им. Ивана Поддубного


Before visiting the museum, we'll take a walk in the park and go to the grave of Ivan Maximovich Poddubny.

Ivan Poddubny Monument (Памятник Ивану Поддубному)

Monuments / Landmarks

And we will definitely take some photos with the monument!

Ivan Poddubny Museum (Музей Ивана Поддубного)


The museum was opened for the 100th anniversary of Poddubnyi's birth. It is dedicated to the life and activity of a wrestler, and the exposition presents his personal belongings, awards and photos from his performances. *" We suggest you take a tour. Please note the museum is closed on Mondays.

Magnit (Семейный Магнит)

Big Box Stores

We'll stop by the store to buy food and everything you need for a picnic.

Должанская коса

Resorts, Beaches, Tourist Information Centers

At the spit is a mixture of waters of the Taganrog Bay and the Sea of Azov, so this place is especially interesting to visit. You can't swim there, so let's have a picnic!



The road home is too long, so you should stop for a rest and have a snack in a familiar place.